community support association: background

community support association was established in 2011, with the vision to see restoration brought to Cambodia. Community Support Association is a local association, offering capacity building services for local groups organizations and the government. The association’ s mission statement is:

“Community Support Association is committed to improving people’s lives, restoring their communities, and bringing wholeness, maturity and meaning to those lives”

 community support association: strategy

  • build the capacity of local people (increasing knowledge and skill)
  • develop sustainability (habitual behaviors and effective use of available resources)
  • improve processes (develop good governance and community participation)

community support association: core values

  • empowerment: Improving the capacity of all partners and raise its partners to the same standard of service and impact eventually working in mutually beneficial synergistic relationships.
  • service:  Community Support Association is a service leader; authentic servant leadership is seen as key to effectiveness. We will serve our partners by enabling them to address those hopes and concerns, as these aspirations align with our vision of bringing restoration…
  • integrity: Community Support Association acknowledges that principles such as trust, honesty, faithfulness, truthfulness, cannot be transgressed without negative and destructive consequences; effectiveness is the fruit of mutually trusting and serving relationships.
  • excellence: Quality improvement will be led by Community Support Association itself producing high quality services and products to act as an exemplar to partners. Community Support association will provide services that are industry standard; not just industry standard in output but also in terms of process and ethics.

Community Support Association: association objectives

  1. Enable organizations and groups to offer best practice services that are contextually appropriated through consultancy and advisory services
  2. Empower others by offering information, resources, training and coaching
  3. Increase the health and wholeness of individuals and communities

Community Support Association: current programs

For more information contact us at: communitysupportassociation@live.com