Community Support Association in cooperation with Wanderlust had reach out to poor children and families at Siem Reap Dump. Around fifty children and thirty adults received two pack of instant noodles, one bottle of water and one bagel (cake which produce and sale in Cambodia by Wanderlust). Even the gift is very small but it makes them very happy!

Siem Reap Dump is located 22km from Siem Reap town. Everyday around 50 families (200 people including children and adults) waiting for dump truck to come, their job is digging the pile of rubbish and look for plastic bottles, bags, clothes, food, vegetable… They are collecting plastic bottles, bags and some other junks for sell and collect food such as rice, vegetable etc, for their animals. One family can earn average 4000R ($1.00) per day. Some people build a hut and live near the dump and some of them go back home in the evening.