As our organization continues to grow we have compiled a “wish” list of resources that would assist us in running our project, Community Support Association.

1. Pick-up truck:
We are now raising money towards a pick-up truck which costs $8000. We need the truck as we would use it to deliver food and other supplies to the sponsored families every month. Also currently we are using our own vehicle to take our team and our donors to see the site. Our project team needs to visit the families regularly, and the pick-up truck would fit perfectly with the road conditions to Bos village.

Pictured is the kind of pick-up truck that we need.

2. Allowance for local volunteer:

Currently we have one local volunteer, he help us to regularly visit and writes reports about each of the sponsored families. Heab Hean is 25 year old and has finished high school,. Hean is a dynamic team player, and always has an open mind and is willing to learn. Hean currently works as our project assistant, helping  us in many ways which  contributes to the project running smoothly.  We are seeking donations to pay his allowance for gasoline for his motorcycle, phone card and a bit of money for his food while he is on the site for work. The cost for monthly allowance is $50 per month equal $600 per year.

This is Mr. Hean our local volunteer

All donations are very much appreciated and every cent will count towards reaching our goals. We sincerely appreciate any amount of money that you may be able to give towards the pick-up truck or allowance for our local volunteer.

To make the donation or wanting to know more information please contact us at:

Email: communitysupportassociation@live.com
Telephone: +855 (0) 88 846 6636